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Florida Fishing Report - Week of 12/01/13

December 01, 2013 by

Best bet is going to be Sheepshead with the cool water temperatures. Target them on bridge pilings and docks. My favorite go to Sheepshead rig is a 3/8 ounce jig head with a live shrimp on it placed at the bottom of a bridge piling. We have been catching lots of Sheepshead in the 12” to 17” range which make for great table fare.

Redfish can be found during low tide tailing on the grass flats and around Mangrove Island adjacent to the grass flats on high tides. The larger fish will be the tailors at low tide, Fish 14” to 22” on the mangrove islands. Use live shrimp with a popping cork or with a small split shot lead sinker or a jig. There has been an invasion of Puppy Drum (small Redfish). They seem to be everywhere. Use small jigs like ¼ ounce Chartreuse or white jig heads and Hybrid Flurry.

You can find Pompano by fishing the deep edges of channels next to the grass flats using shrimp tipped jigs, use 3/8 ounce – ½ ounce short hair jigs or Doc’s Goofy Jigs in bright colors. The heavier jigs will get to the bottom where the fish are and the bright colors and small piece of fresh shrimp will give sight and sent appeal. Just bounce or hop the jig on the bottom.

Snook can found sunning themselves in very shallow water with dark bottom. Catching them has been pretty good lately. We have seen some nice size fish from 22” to 27”. Use free line live shrimp or shrimp with a small split shot or live pilchards. The best advice I can give you right now is to target the warmer water temperatures to increase your chances of hooking a nice fish.

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